Facelift for the Rics Vintage Guitars website

Our new website has some great features including a Carousel feature that allows you click on any image and very quickly get into detailed pics of each guitar or amp.

In each detail section there are 4 pics (although we've taken a lot more) of the guitar and one bigger picture. By clicking on a small pic the bigger picture will appear and then by passing the mouse over the large image, a zoom feature will appear enabling you to really have a close look at the guitar. You can also click the large pic and an even bigger picture will appear.

We've also added the feature for you to make comments on each guitar and now we've got our own Blog for each guitar. You can ask questions, or just tell us how cool they look.

We also now have a "Wanted Dead or Alive" section where we will advertise those things that people tell us they want...

We will be introducing :-

  • You Tube Links for selected guitars
  • Twitter and Facebook
  • Audio streams of our special guitars so you can hear how they sound through various amps
  • PAYPAL payment processing
  • and much much more...just give us time

In the meantime if you like the look of any guitar, drop me an email @ This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it